Alice & Co. is a multi-disciplinary platform offering:
I. A collection of second-hand or vintage clothing, homeware and jewellery for women, men and children
II. A sourcing service for individuals and businesses
III. A selection of information about sustainability and solutions for individuals
IV. A place for collaborations with craftsmen and artists around England

All pieces are sourced in England with a focus on materials and fine details. All products and services on the sustainability page are recommended with the planet in mind.


I have big plans for Alice & Co.

It all started in September 2018 when I was working far too much, juggling between commissions from clients as part of my graphic design practice and running a jewellery and homeware business on the side.

I was feeling frustrated not to be able to push both of them far enough simply because I physically and technically couldn’t. So I decided to give myself until the end of 2018 to wrap up my projects for my clients and pause my side business to reflect and reset.

Soon after, I suddenly got hit almost on a daily basis via social medias and the press by topics around sustainability. How creating new things could harm the planet using the wrong materials or processes and involving people in the supply chain working and therefore living in outrageous conditions. I started reading more books and articles about it, listening to more podcasts, attending more talks about anything ranging from the damages caused by fast-fashion practices on the planet and its habitants, the 17 sustainable development goals set by the United Nations to eradicate poverty, inequality, climate and so on, or how plastic became toxic in our societies, and finally about some solutions to step by step and at a small scale on how to consume and produce more consciously.

It was clear at that point that running a business creating new products was not helping, at least the way I was doing it.

A few months later, after a wonderful trip to Japan, the entrepreneurship kick came back to the table. What if I could run a business but doing it in a better way? What if I could combine my love for thrifting and my passion for entrepreneurship? I’ve read enough about it by now, the second-hand economy is arguably the most sustainable route since the items already exist and need a home or they end up in a landfill.

And soon, running a new business became an evidence with infinite possibilities to do it well and with the planet and all of us in mind. And with the desire to focus my energy on making it grow, organically and my own way instead of hoping to make big profits because this doesn’t mean happiness to me. Thrifting, collaborating, growing, working, doing does.

Alice & Co. was born in March 2019.


Vintage and secondhand
The items on this eshop have been loved by someone else before, which might indicate small imperfections, scratches or dings and may contain minor flaws and show signs of wear. All items are sold as seen and I am always able to provide further measurements and photos if requested. All sales are final without return or refund. Thank you for your understanding.

Cleaning process
I use a professional and eco-friendly wet cleaning service which ensures that all pieces of clothing are cleaned in the best possible way using water and specialized detergents that are milder than home laundry products. As opposed to traditional dry-cleaning, there is no hazardous chemical use, waste generation, air pollution, and reduces potential for water and soil contamination.


Carbon emissions and delivery
The transport industry is one of the biggest sources of carbon dioxide emissions hence why Alice & co. currently limits its shipping to England where all the pieces are sourced from.
Alice & Co. aims to be a carbon neutral company and is currently looking at partnerships to offset its environmental impact off all its operations.
If you would like to pick up your item for free, please select “Collection in person” at checkout.

Responsible packaging
Your item(s) will be packed in a plastic-free recycled and recyclable padded envelope or in a recyclable box depending on the size and weight of the product. Please make sure these are disposed in the relevant bin collection to be recycled.


About Alice

A London-based freelance graphic designer by trade originally from Paris specialised in branding, print and illustration. You can view my online portfolio here.


I’m always available to chat, collaborate or share, please feel free to reach me out:


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If you are interested in doing a collaboration, please send me an email at alice@alicebosc.com


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Alice Bosc

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For press enquiries please send an email at alice@alicebosc.com (high res images available on request)

Advertisements, catalogues and documents containing Alice & Co. logo and product photography may only be used according to prior agreement with Alice Bosc. All the files (images and catalogues) need to be credited.