I always try to consider three things when thinking of buying a product for my home or myself: 1. Do I really need this? 2. Where has it been made? 3. Is it recyclable?

If made in the UK, the carbon footprint will be less important than a product made elsewhere and then shipped to the UK (the amount of CO2 emitted for the transportation of goods). If not recyclable, then where is it going to end up? Landfills? No thanks.

“Every day the clothes, tech and toys that fill the shelves in our shopping centres seem to arrive there by magic. In fact, about nine out of 10 items are shipped halfway around the world on board some of the biggest and dirtiest machines on the planet.” iNews, January 2018

"Transport is responsible for a huge chunk of the UK's carbon emissions and the levels are actually increasing," Muna Suleiman from Friends of the Earth says.

A range of cleaning products suitable for everyone. Made in the UK from ethically sourced ingredients and 100% recyclable packaging, some of the most sustainable and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions on the market.

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