Alice & Co. was born from the desire to do something good for the planet while still having fun. Retail therapy has been an old friend of mine but in the recent years, after hearing so much about sustainability, the damage of our production and consumption habits on the planet and its habitants, I wanted to try and make a difference by offering some “treats” but healthy ones. Like a healthy chocolate bar, you can eat it without feeling guilty about the consequences it’s going to have on your body (and sometimes mind).

So Alice & Co. was born. My passion for things from the past, thrifting from a young age, collecting objects found in my local flea markets, admiring my mother and grandmother’s impeccable clothes quality surviving through the years, the love for good materials and fine crafted details, the passion for thrifting like I am on a treasure hunt. All this led me to open Alice & Co.

Only raw materials are sold on Alice & Co. so they are easily recyclable, upcyclable and harmless to the planet so think cotton, hemp, wood, gold, raffia, ratan, bamboo, linen or wool.

But. There is a but. I only wanted to this if I was not harming the planet any more or at least trying to reduce my carbon footprint as much as possible while still running a business. From sourcing only in England, selling used (secondhand or vintage) products, shipping to the UK only, using recyclable packaging, washing the clothing with eco-firendly products instead of dry-cleaning (which use harmful chemicals).

I believe the challenge to change our consumption habits is big but I’m certain that if we try step by step by implementing a small change in our daily life, change is possible. Buying vintage or secondhand is like when you stop adding sugar to your morning coffee, it’s challenging at the beggining but soon it becomes natural.

I’m learning along with you and I’m always interested in sharing, debating and learning more. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like to take part of a (hopefully) growing company.

“Let’s try to adopt sustainability as a culture” as the brilliant Sustainability & Human Rights Strategist Céline Samaan once said.

Take care,

Alice x