Alice & Co. collects vintage and second-hand clothes, homeware and jewellery for you and your home as well as information about how, as individuals, we can protect the planet from further harm.


Alice & Co. contributes to the democratisation of second-hand and vintage shopping in fashion and homeware for women, men and children by offering an affordable and carefully hand-picked selection of pieces sourced in England and based on a circular economy model.


Alice & Co. commits to reduce the carbon footprint as a business as much as possible by sourcing the pieces in England only, shipping them to England only, offsetting the carbon emissions caused by the delivery of the goods to customers, using plastic-free recyclable packaging, considering low impact solutions for washing or repairing the goods prior shipping.


Alice & Co. connects a community of people who wish to do their bits to protect the planet by raising awareness, sharing information and tips, portraits of inspiring thought leaders so together we can shift our habits slowly to reduce our impact, consume and produce more responsibly.


Alice & Co. collaborates with talented England-based artists to create limited series of unique vintage or second-hand pieces with an added value to promote sustainable creativity in the fashion and homeware industry.